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An intelligent ETF

The most complete and accurate European ETF database

- Access +3,000 Europe domiciled ETFs listed on 15 Exchanges, forming a universe of 7,000 listings in different currencies and share classes

- Cover 53 issuing entities and track 79 index families

- Screen Equity, Fixed Income , Commodities, Currencies, Structured,Alternative and Multi-Assets and Thematic ETFs

Easy to search, compare and obtain key information

- A multi-level search panel filters all possible choices of investment exposure in a few clicks

- Rank ETFs by past performance and fund flows

- Select up to 20 ETFs to compare characteristics, holdings and performance in one single view


Smart Recommendation Engine

- Dynamically generate ETFs with similar exposures in relation to geography, sector, strategy, etc.

- Easily identify ETFs with low cost, high liquidity and better performance within chosen investment preferences

- Never miss new or niche plays in continuing ETF innovation


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